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JULY 21ST - 24TH, 2023

Here are the results for the inaugural Canadian Uechi-ryu Nationals held online for 2023. This event was put together with the aim of starting the national tournament process, and trying out the online platform for karate  e-tournament. A massive thank you to the participants, Uechi-ryu is strong all over the world! Event certificates will be forthcoming. 


Executive Male Black Belt

1. Kristian Mahinay CAN

2. Yuji Kikukawa JPN

3. William Leith USA

4. Kohji Katoh JPN

5. Michael Krikorian USA

Senior Male Black Belt

1. Mothilal Verma B IND

Senior Female Black Belt

1. Sayaka Tanabe JPN

Junior Female Black Belt

1. Saika Fujita JPN

2. Kokoro Inami JPN

Senior Male Green Belt

1. Yohann Galy FRA

Youth Male

1. Tatsunori Deguchi JPN

Youth Female

1: Minori Kikukawa JPN

FINAL  2023 uechi-ryu nationals flyer.png


This is an online event.

Competitors will UPLOAD a recent kata video to an online platform of their choice (Youtube, etc.).

***NOTE: You will record and upload your video to the platform of your choice BEFORE you register! When you register you will provide the link to the video. ***

Entries will be placed in a single elimination bracket and judged against their peers worldwide. 

2 ways to prove that you recorded your performance recently!

1- At the beginning of the video you must say "UECHI-RYU NATIONALS" and show the sign with your hand like ✌️ with 4 fingers


2- At the beginning of the video you must show the printed event poster.

You only need to upload ONE kata video, this will be used against the next opponent should you advance.

You can record your video NOW - Deadline to register & upload your kata video expires July 21st at 9AM.

The draws will then be published & judging will commence over the weekend.

Results will be posted as soon as judging takes place.

* Thursday June 29th, 2023: Start of registration period and video upload period;

* Friday July 21st @ 9am: Deadline of registration & video upload period;
* Friday July 21st @ 9:01am: Publishing of Draws & Judging begins;
* Sunday July 23rd @ 5pm: End of kata judging period;
* Monday July 24th: Announcement of Winners and sending of Certificates and Reports;

** If there are fewer competitors than expected, we reserve rights to prolong registration period.

All rounds will be scored by point system (values from 5.0 - 7.9; highest and lowest scores being removed and the remaining totaled for your score.)

  • All participants will get a professional certificate at the end of the event.

  • All participants (in the official categories) will get their ranking points.

There is NO COST for this event!  


The divisions break down as follows:

Youth (ages 7 - 12yrs. old)

Junior (ages 13 - 16yrs. old)

Senior (ages 17 - 35yrs. old)

Executive (36+ yrs. old)

Ages are as of July 15th, 2023. Competitors will be placed in either male or female sub categories. 



At the conclusion of the 2023 Uechi-ryu Karate Nationals, competitors will be able to see their rank among their peers in Canada as well as globally. 

Those Canadian Uechi-ryu Athletes who place in the top 3 of any category will be invited to participate on the National Uechi-ryu Team. 

These selected Team members will have options for training and entry into various events in Canada & worldwide under the banner of 'Uechi-ryu Canada'. 

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