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**This policy is found under Section 6 of the full Policy and Procedure manual; this is the complete text of the policy, in easy to read format. 

Fundraising for individual teams and/or events shall be a team activity and responsibility. The association supports participating in fundraising activities to defray the costs of travel, competitions, additional training, seminars, etc. Teams and individuals that undertake such activities are representing the association (intentionally or not) and are therefore subject to the association policies and are accountable for their actions.

Fundraising is to be kept to a reasonable level for justifiable team/events expenses.

All fundraising activity is to be first approved by the Executive; documented, collected and disbursed.

Any refunds to parent/guardians or athletes are not to exceed the amount of cash contributed to the team by the individual parent/guardian or athlete. In other words, there is to be absolutely no fundraising for individual gain.

Excess fundraising will be turned over to CURKA at the end of the event, after expenses are settled. These funds will be designated for specific purposes such as equipment purchases, seminars, training events, charitable donation, etc.

Provincial and/or National level grant applications will only be/can only be applied for by the Executive committee on behalf of the organization or a particular Team.

Teams are encouraged to fully utilize the fundraising opportunities which benefit the association.

Certain activities, such as raffles (i.e. 50-50 tickets), require approval and licensing by the appropriate Gaming Commission. It is the responsibility of the individuals obtaining such approval to ensure that all legislated requirements are met and the association is not penalized. Prior approval is required by the Executive before activities begin.

Use of the name, logo or other property of the association for fundraising purposes requires the prior approval of the Executive Board of Directors.

These guidelines apply to all CURKA groups/participants/teams (i.e. tournament committees and their constituents), etc..

Volunteering for any fundraising event does not give credit for any outstanding fees. 

Revised Date: July 1, 2022

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